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Cambria Sailboats

Cambria Sailboats


Cambria Sailboats- Cambria 44


Cambria Sailboats- Cambria 44

Pictured Above:
The Cambria 44

Cambria Sailboats- Cambria 40 Interior



he Cambria yachts offer the cruising and/or racing yachtsman a balanced design, properly engineered and custom built of the finest materials with unsurpassed craftsmanship. Cambrias are strong and fast yachts with a graceful sheer and spirited performance. Their beauty and elegance is unmatched.


he Cambria 40 is a medium displacement performance cruiser. She carries a fine entry, full midships waterline beam, an easy run and balanced ends. She personifies comfort and speed in a cruising boat designed and built to go to sea.

Built by Cabo Rico Custom Yachts, Inc.~ The Finest ... Cruiser/Racers

 LOA 41'5"
 Beam 12'3"
 Draft-Deep/Shoal 7'6"/6'2"
 Wing/Centerboard  5'8"/5'2"
 Displacement 22,200 lbs.
 Sail area (total) 801 sq. ft.

  Cambria Sailboats- Cambria 40

Custom interiors are available for all Cambria models.





The Cambria 44/46 was the first Cambria. She is a strong, powerful performer that excites sailors with a desire to challenge the seas. Fast and comfortable, these yachts are built to the custom needs and specifications of their owners.

The Cambria 44 differs from the 46 only in the deck and interior layout possibilities. The 44 provides the owner with 2 companionways and hence a full width aft cabin more like those found on center-cockpit boats.

The Cambria 46 is the single-companionway sister to the 44 and provides the owner with a different choice of interior layouts that can be altered to suit their needs. Also available with a counter stern as the Cambria 48.

LOA 45'11"
 Beam 13'5"
 Draft-Deep/Shoal 8'6"/5'11"
 Centerboard: up/down  5'6"/10'6"
 Displacement 21,900 lbs.
 Sail area (total) 943 sq. ft.

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Cambria Sailboats- Cambria 44/46 Interior

Pictured Above:
An interior example of the Cambria 44/46.
Exterior photographs at top of page.


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